Atlas of the European Bees: genus Anthophora

author(s) : Pierre Rasmont
Pierre Rasmont
Atlas of the European Bees: genus Anthophora

First on line 29.VIII.2014, updated 5.XI.2014, 19.II.2016

Anthophora is a large genus that includes around 400 species all over the world. 178 species are presently known for West-Palaearctic region.

They are all solitary species, most of them digging their simple nest in dry ground, giving their English name "digger bees". They are specially abundant and diversified in arid or subarid biomes, e.g. in steppes and Mediterranean biota. Very few species cross the 50th parallell to the north and only two reach the Arctic Circle.

They are foraging mainly flowers with long corollae, as Boraginaceae, Lamiaceae, Leguminosae, Scophulariaceae and Compositae from the Carduae tribe (thistles).

All species are fast flyers. Some taxa are incredibly agile. For these reasons, they could be extremely difficult to sample. It leads to a clear underestimated abundance and distribution of most species. A lot of taxa are known just by their type-serie and few supplementary specimens.

Because of their relative scarcity in collection, their taxonomy remains quite confuse. One cannot study the West-Palaearctic Anthophora without the two main revisions of Friese (1897) and Brooks (1988). This last one only dealing with a usefull subgeneric classification. Several other papers could help: Priesner (1957) for Egypt and adjacent countries mainly N. Africa, Iuga (1958) for Romania and adjacent countries, Osychnyuk (1978) for the European part of former USSR, Herrero & Pérez-Iñigo (1982) for Iberian peninsula. One cannot avoid to consult a bunch of small other papers to assume the identification of some species.

The genus Podalirius, as promoted by Friese (1897) was lumping alltogether Amegilla, Anthophora and Habropoda. I stick here instead with the generic and subgeneric classification of Brooks (1988) and Michener (2001, 2007). The West-Palaearctic tribe Anthophorini includes so the genera Amegilla, Anthophora and Habropoda (that Brooks placed in a separate tribe). It also means that the genera Clisodon, Heliophila, and Paramegilla, separated by several authors (e.g. Osychnyuk 1978, Herrero & Perez-Inigo 1982) are included here in Anthophora as subgenera (Solamegilla being considered as synonym of the subgenus Paramegilla).

This first very provisional version only includes the full checklist of West-Palaearctic species and maps that just point out countries. For some species, it also display very preliminary detailed maps.
Because of the extreme difficulty to approach Anthophora, there are very few photographs of living specimens available.


This page is constructed in the framework of the STEP project - Status and Trends of European Pollinators - Coordinator: Simon Geoffrey Potts, University of Reading. STEP Partners to Objective 1 (Document the status and trends of pollinators, map distributions): University of Mons (Prof. Pierre Rasmont; Denis Michez; Stephanie Iserbyt; Yvan Barbier); University of Reading (Stuart Roberts).

Many thanks to Manu Dehon for his help.

Pierre Rasmont

Rasmont P. 2014. Atlas of the European Bees: genus Anthophora. 1st Edition. STEP Project, Atlas Hymenoptera, Mons, Gembloux.

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Anthophora Atlas European Bees Latreille, 1803

European bees
Anthophora aegyptiaca (DALLA TORRE AND FRIESE,1895)
Anthophora (Anthophora) aegyptiaca (Dalla Torre & Friese, 1895)
Anthophora aestivalis (PANZER,1801)
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) aestivalis (Panzer, 1801)

Brooks (1988) synonymised this taxon with Anthophora retusa. These species are nevertheless conspicuously distinct. Alfken (1926: 423) gave very good diagnostic characters to separate these species. One should pay a special attention to avoid confusion between A. aestivalis and the southern taxon Anthophora retusa meridionalis. A straightworward character to separate these taxa is the colour of the matatibial brush: whitish in aestivalis and yellow in retusa meridionalis.

Pierre Rasmont
Anthophora affinis BRULLÉ,1832
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) affinis Brullé, 1832
(=Anthophora biciliata Lepeletier,1841; =Anthophora liturata Lepeletier,1841)

Brooks (1988) initiated a very confusing situation in mixing this taxon with Anthophora mucida Gribodo.
These species are nevertheless well distinct. Rasmont (1996) made a complete redescription of both taxa and of the near Anthophora agama Radoszkowski.

Pierre Rasmont
Anthophora aflabellata GRIBODO,1926
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) aflabellata Gribodo,1926
Anthophora agama RADOSZKOWSKI,1869
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) agama Radoszkowski, 1869
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora albicilla PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) albicilla Pérez, 1895
Anthophora albobarbata HEDICKE,1936
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) albobarbata Hedicke, 1936
Anthophora albosignata (FRIESE,1896)
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) albosignata (Friese, 1896)
Anthophora alfkenella PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) alfkenella Priesner, 1957
Anthophora alluaudi PÉREZ,1902
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) alluaudi Pérez, 1902
Anthophora altaica RADOSZKOWSKI,1882
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) altaica Radoszkowski, 1882
Anthophora alternans (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) alternans (Klug, 1845)
Anthophora ambitiosa ALFKEN,1935
Anthophora (Paramegilla) ambitiosa Alfken,1935
Anthophora amseli HEDICKE,1936
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) amseli Hedicke, 1936
Anthophora andalusica PÉREZ,1902
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) andalusica Pérez, 1902
Anthophora arabica PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) arabica Priesner, 1957
Anthophora arida BROOKS,1988
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) arida Brooks, 1988
Anthophora armata FRIESE,1905
Anthophora (Paramegilla) armata Friese, 1905
Anthophora astragali MORAWITZ,1877
Anthophora (Paramegilla) astragali Morawitz, 1877
Anthophora atriceps PÉREZ,1879
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) atriceps Pérez, 1879
photo  photo
Anthophora atricilla EVERSMANN,1846
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) atricilla Eversmann, 1846
Anthophora atroalba LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) atroalba Lepeletier, 1841
Anthophora balassogloi (RADOSZKOWSKI,1876)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) balassogloi (Radoszkowski, 1876)
Anthophora balearica (FRIESE,1896)
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) balearica (Friese, 1896)
Anthophora balneorum LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Paramegilla) balneorum Lepeletier, 1841
Anthophora bimaculata (PANZER,1798)
Anthophora (Heliophila) bimaculata (Panzer, 1798)
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora bisulca PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (incertae sedis) bisulca Pérez, 1895
Anthophora blanda PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (Paramegilla) blanda Pérez, 1895
Anthophora boops ALFKEN,1926
Anthophora (Paramegilla) boops Alfken, 1926
Anthophora borealis MORAWITZ,1864
Anthophora (Mystacanthophora) borealis Morawitz, 1864
Anthophora caelebs GRIBODO,1924
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) caelebs Gribodo, 1924
Anthophora calcarata LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Petalosternon) calcarata Lepeletier, 1841
photo  photo  photo
Anthophora canescens BRULLÉ,1832
Anthophora (Anthophora) canescens Brullé, 1832
=Anthophora subterranea Germar, 1826 (nomen praeoccupandum)
= Anthophora nigrocincta Lepeletier, 1841
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora caroli PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) caroli Pérez, 1895
Anthophora cincreus (FRIESE),1896)
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) cincreus (Friese, 1896)
Anthophora combusta DOURS,1869
Anthophora (incertae sedis) combusta Dours, 1869
Anthophora concinna (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Heliophila) concinna (Klug, 1845)
Anthophora concolor ALFKEN,1926
Anthophora (Paramegilla) concolor Alfken, 1926
Anthophora crassipes LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Petalosternon) crassipes Lepeletier, 1841
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora crysocnemis MORAWITZ,1877
Anthophora (Anthomegilla) crysocnemis Morawitz, 1877
Anthophora cunicularia FRIESE,1914
Anthophora (Petalosternon) cunicularia Friese, 1914
Anthophora dalmatica PÉREZ,1902
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) dalmatica Pérez, 1902
Anthophora deserticola MORAWITZ,1873
Anthophora (Paramegilla) deserticola Morawitz, 1873
Anthophora dispar LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) dispar Lepeletier, 1841
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora disparilis FRIESE,1922
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) disparilis Friese, 1922
Anthophora dubia EVERSMANN,1852
Anthophora (Paramegilla) dubia Eversmann, 1852
Anthophora dufourii LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Caranthophora) dufourii Lepeletier, 1841
Anthophora eburnea RADOSZKOWSKI,1876
Anthophora (Paramegilla) eburnea Radoszkowski, 1876
Anthophora elbana PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) elbana Priesner, 1957
Anthophora erschowi FEDTSCHENKO,1875
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) erschowi Fedtschenko, 1875
Anthophora erubescens MORAWITZ,1880
Anthophora (Paramegilla) erubescens Morawitz, 1880
Anthophora extricata PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Petalosternon) extricata Priesner, 1957
Anthophora facialoides BROOKS,1988
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) facialoides Brooks, 1988
Anthophora fallaciosa PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) fallaciosa Priesner, 1957
Anthophora fayoumensis PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) fayoumensis Priesner, 1957
Anthophora femorata (OLIVIER,1789)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) femorata (Olivier, 1789)
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora ferruginea LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Paramegilla) ferruginea Lepeletier, 1841
Anthophora festae GRIBODO,1924
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) festae Gribodo, 1924
Anthophora finitima MORAWITZ,1894
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) finitima Morawitz,1894
Anthophora fixseni MORAWITZ,1876
Anthophora (incertae sedis) fixseni Morawitz, 1876
Anthophora flabellata PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) flabellata Priesner, 1957
Anthophora fratercula GRIBODO,1924
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) fratercula Gribodo, 1924
Anthophora freimuthi FEDTSCHENKO,1875
Anthophora (incertae sedis) freimuthi Fedtschenko,1875
Anthophora fulvipes EVERSMANN,1846
Anthophora (Paramegilla) fulvipes Eversmann, 1846
photo  photo  photo
Anthophora fulviscopa ALFKEN,1930
Anthophora (Paramegilla) fulviscopa Alfken, 1930
Anthophora fulvitarsis BRULLÉ,1832
Anthophora (Anthophora) fulvitarsis Brullé, 1832
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora fulvodimidiata DOURS,1869
Anthophora (Heliophila) fulvodimidiata Dours, 1869
photo  photo  photo
Anthophora furcata (PANZER,1798)
Anthophora (Clisodon) furcata (Panzer, 1798)
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora galalensis PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) galalensis Priesner, 1957
Anthophora gallica DALLA TORRE & FRIESE,1895
Anthophora (Paramegilla) gallica Dalla Torre & Friese, 1895
(=Anthophora quadricolor, Brooks, 1988, partim).

Brooks (1988) synonymized this taxon with Anthophora quadricolor (Erichson). These taxa are however well distinct. The colour pattern of the females quadricolor is very distinctive with its four-colour pilosity.
The males of these species could be separated by the morphology of genitalia and metabasitarsi.

Pierre Rasmont
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora gemella MORAWITZ,1877
Anthophora (Heliophila) gemella Morawitz, 1877
Anthophora ghigii GRIBODO,1924
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) ghigii Gribodo, 1924
Anthophora gracilipes MORAWITZ,1873
Anthophora (Paramegilla) gracilipes Morawitz, 1873
Anthophora harmalae MORAWITZ,1877
Anthophora (Paramegilla) harmalae Morawitz, 1877
Anthophora hegasica PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) hegasica Priesner, 1957
Anthophora heliopolitensis PÉREZ,1910
Anthophora (incertae sedis) heliopolitensis Pérez,1910
Anthophora hermanni SCHWARZ & GUSENLEITNER,2003
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) hermanni Schwarz & Gusenleitner, 2003
= Anthophora scopipes sensu Priesner,1957 nec Spinola, 1838
See comments of Schwarz & Gusenleitner, 2003:141
Anthophora hispanica (FABRICIUS,1787)
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) hispanica (Fabricius, 1787)
Anthophora holoxantha PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) holoxantha Pérez, 1895
Anthophora humilis (SPINOLA,1838)
Anthophora (Heliophila) humilis (Spinola, 1838)
Anthophora illepida WALKER,1871
Anthophora illepida Walker, 1871
Anthophora inclyta WALKER,1871
Anthophora (Paramegilla) inclyta Walker, 1871
Anthophora intricata GRIBODO,1924
Anthophora (Petalosternon) intricata Gribodo, 1924
Anthophora ireos (PALLAS,1773)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) ireos (Pallas, 1773)
Anthophora irregularis DOURS,1869
Anthophora (Paramegilla) irregularis Dours, 1869
Anthophora kapnoptera ALFKEN,1936
Anthophora (Paramegilla) kapnoptera Alfken, 1936
Anthophora kneuckeri ALFKEN,1938
Anthophora (Caranthophora) kneuckeri Alfken, 1938
Anthophora laevigata SPINOLA,1808
Anthophora (incertae sedis) laevigata Spinola, 1808
Anthophora lanata (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Anthophora) lanata (Klug, 1845)
Anthophora lanzarotensis (TKALCŮ,1993)
Anthophora (Heliophila) lanzarotensis (Tkalců, 1993)
Anthophora larvata GIRAUD,1863
Anthophora (Paramegilla) larvata Giraud, 1863
=Anthophora croceipes Morawitz, 1876
=Anthophora fulvipes Eversmann, 1846
Anthophora leucomelaena DALLA TORRE,1896
Anthophora (incertae sedis) leucomelaena Dalla Torre, 1896
Anthophora leucophaea PÉREZ,1879
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) leucophaea Pérez, 1879
Anthophora libyphaenica GRIBODO,1893
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) libyphaenica Gribodo, 1893
Anthophora lieftincki (TKALCŮ,1993)
Anthophora (Heliophila) lieftincki (Tkalců, 1993)
Anthophora loewi (MORAWITZ,1876)
Anthophora (Heliophila) loewi Morawitz, 1876
Anthophora lutescens WALKER,1871
Anthophora (incertae sedis) lutescens Walker, 1871
Anthophora lydia TKALCŮ,1994
Anthophora (Paramegilla) lydia Tkalců, 1994
Anthophora maculigera PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Paramegilla) maculigera Priesner, 1957
Anthophora mellina PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) mellina Priesner, 1957
Anthophora monacha ((ERICHSON),1849)
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) monacha (Erichson, 1849)
Anthophora moricei (FRIESE,1899)
Anthophora (Petalosternon) moricei (Friese, 1899)
Anthophora mucida GRIBODO,1873
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) mucida Gribodo, 1873
(=Anthophora biciliata, Brooks, 1988: 561)

Brooks (1988) initiated a very confusing situation in synonymizing this taxon with Anthophora biciliata Lepeletier.
These species are nevertheless well distinct. Rasmont (1996) revised the types and made a complete redescription of both taxa and of the near Anthophora agama Radoszkowski.

Pierre Rasmont
Anthophora murina (FEDTSCHENKO),1875
Anthophora (Petalosternon) murina Fedtschenko,1875
Anthophora murutica FRIESE,1919
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) murutica Friese, 1919
Anthophora muscaria FEDTSCHENKO,1875
Anthophora (Dasymegilla) muscaria Fedtschenko, 1875
Anthophora nigriceps MORAWITZ,1886
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) nigriceps Morawitz, 1886
Anthophora nigrilabris SPINOLA,1838
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) nigrilabris Spinola, 1838
Anthophora nigrociliata PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (Petalosternon) nigrociliata Pérez, 1895
Anthophora nigrovittata DOURS,1869
Anthophora (Paramegilla) nigrovittata Dours, 1869
Anthophora niveiventris FRIESE,1919
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) niveiventris Friese, 1919
Anthophora onosmarum MORAWITZ,1876
Anthophora (Paramegilla) onosmarum Morawitz, 1876
Anthophora orientalis MORAWITZ,1877
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) orientalis Morawitz, 1877
Anthophora orotavae (SAUNDERS,1904)
Anthophora (Petalosternon) orotavae (Saunders, 1904)
Anthophora pauperata WALKER,1871
Anthophora (incertae sedis) pauperata Walker, 1871
Anthophora pedata EVERSMANN,1852
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) pedata Eversmann, 1852
Anthophora perlustrata PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) perlustrata Priesner, 1957
Anthophora plagiata (ILLIGER,1806)
Anthophora (Melea) plagiata (Illiger, 1806)
Anthophora planca PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (Paramegilla) planca Pérez, 1895
Anthophora plumipes (PALLAS,1772)
Anthophora (Anthophora) plumipes (Pallas, 1772)
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora podagra LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Paramegilla) podagra Lepeletier, 1841
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora ponomarevae BROOKS,1988
Anthophora (Paramegilla) ponomarevae Brooks, 1988
Anthophora porphyrea WESTRICH,1993
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) porphyrea Westrich, 1993
Anthophora pretiosa FRIESE,1919
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) pretiosa Friese, 1919
Anthophora priesneri ALFKEN,1932
Anthophora (Petalosternon) priesneri Alfken, 1932
Anthophora prshewalskii MORAWITZ,1880
Anthophora (Paramegilla) prshewalskii Morawitz, 1880
Anthophora pruinosa SMITH,1854
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) pruinosa Smith, 1854
Anthophora pubescens (FABRICIUS,1781)
Anthophora (Caranthophora) pubescens (Fabricius, 1781)
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora pulverosa SMITH,1854
Anthophora (Heliophila) pulverosa Smith, 1854
Anthophora punctilabris PÉREZ,1879
Anthophora (Anthophora) punctilabris Pérez, 1879
Anthophora purpuraria WESTRICH,1993
Anthophora (incertae sedis) purpuraria Westrich, 1993
Anthophora quadricolor (ERICHSON,1840)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) quadricolor (Erichson, 1840)
Anthophora quadrimaculata PANZER,1798
Anthophora (Dasymegilla) quadrimaculata (Panzer, 1798)
photo  photo  photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora raddei MORAWITZ,1876
Anthophora (Paramegilla) raddei Morawitz, 1876
Anthophora retusa (L.,1758)
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) retusa (L., 1758)

Brooks (1988) synonymised Anthophora retusa with Anthophora aestivalis (Panzer). These species are nevertheless well different. Alfken (1926: 423) provided very good diagnostic characters to separate these species. The males show well distinctive genitalia and facial design.
The northern nominal subspecies of retusa shows a very conspicuously distinct colour pattern, nearly all black with golden metatibial brushes.
The southern subspecies retusa meridionalis Pérez could be confused as it shows a more or less similar colour pattern. However, the metatibial brushes are golden yellow in retusa meridionalis while they are wittish in aestivalis.

Pierre Rasmont
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora richaensis ALFKEN,1938
Anthophora (Heliophila) richaensis Alfken, 1938
Anthophora rivoletti PÉREZ,1895
Anthophora (Petalosternon) rivoletti Pérez, 1895
photo  photo  photo
Anthophora robusta (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) robusta (Klug, 1845)
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora rogenhoferi MORAWITZ,1872
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) rogenhoferi Morawitz, 1872
Anthophora romandii DOURS,1869
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) romandii Dours, 1869
Anthophora rubricrus DOURS,1873
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) rubricrus Dours, 1873
Anthophora rutilans DOURS,1869
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) rutilans Dours, 1869
Anthophora sagemehli MORAWITZ,1883
Anthophora (Paramegilla) sagemehli Morawitz, 1883
Anthophora salviae (PANZER,1804)
Anthophora (Anthophora) salviae (Panzer, 1804)
photo  photo  photo  photo
Anthophora saropodoides DALLA TORRE,1896
Anthophora (Heliophila) saropodoides (Dalla Torre, 1896)
Anthophora scopipes SPINOLA,1838
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) scopipes Spinola, 1838
= Anthophora spinolana Priesner,1957
NEC Anthophora scopipes sensu Priesner,1957
(see Schwarz & Gusenleitner, 2003:141)

Anthophora selecta PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) selecta Priesner, 1957
Anthophora semirufa (FRIESE,1898)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) semirufa (Friese, 1898)
Anthophora senescens LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Anthophora) senescens Lepeletier, 1841
photo  photo
Anthophora senicula PÉREZ,1902
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) senicula Pérez, 1902
Anthophora senilis EVERSMANN,1846
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) senilis Eversmann, 1846
Anthophora sergia (NURSE,1904)
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) sergia (Nurse, 1904)
Anthophora shagrensis PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) shagrensis Priesner, 1957
Anthophora sichelii RADOSZKOWSKI,1869
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) sichelii Radoszkowski, 1869
photo  photo  photo
Anthophora siewersi MORAWITZ,1876
Anthophora (Dasymegilla) siewersi Morawitz, 1876
Anthophora similis FEDTSCHENKO,1875
Anthophora (Petalosternon) similis Fedtschenko, 1875
Anthophora socia (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) socia (Klug, 1845)
Anthophora soikai BENOIST,1961
Anthophora (Heliophila) soikai Benoist, 1961
Anthophora speciosa FRIESE,1919
Anthophora (Lophanthophora) speciosa Friese, 1919
Anthophora spinacoxa BROOKS,1988
Anthophora (Caranthophora) spinacoxa Brooks, 1988
Anthophora spinolana PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) spinolana Priesner,1957
Anthophora superans WALKER,1871
Anthophora (Paramegilla) superans Walker, 1871
Anthophora syriaca FRIESE,1922
Anthophora (Paramegilla) syriaca Friese, 1922
Anthophora tarsalis PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) tarsalis Priesner, 1957
Anthophora tenella (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Heliophila) tenella (Klug, 1845)
Anthophora thomsoni SAUNDERS,1882
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) thomsoni Saunders, 1882
Anthophora torensis PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Caranthophora) torensis Priesner, 1957
Anthophora tridentata (FRIESE,1899)
Anthophora (Heliophila) tridentata (Friese, 1899)
Anthophora tridentella PRIESNER,1957
Anthophora (Heliophila) tridentella Priesner, 1957
Anthophora uniciliata SICHEL,1860
Anthophora (incertae sedis) uniciliata Sichel, 1860
Anthophora valga (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) valga (Klug, 1845)
Anthophora ventilabris LEPELETIER,1841
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) ventilabris Lepeletier, 1841
photo  photo  photo
Anthophora vernalis MORAWITZ,1877
Anthophora (Pyganthophora) vernalis Morawitz, 1877
Anthophora vidua (KLUG,1845)
Anthophora (Paramegilla) vidua (Klug, 1845)
Anthophora wadicola ALFKEN,1935
Anthophora (Petalosternon) wadicola Alfken, 1935
Anthophora wegelini FRIESE,1914
Anthophora (Petalosternon) wegelini Friese, 1914
Anthophora zanoni GRIBODO,1924
Anthophora (Petalosternon) zanoni Gribodo, 1924


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