author(s) : Denis Michez & Alain Pauly
Geographic zone: Africa - World
Meganomia is included in the subfamily Meganomiinae wich is the smallest subfamily of Melittidae s.l. (tab. 1). In ligth of recent
molecular analyses, Meganomiidae is probably the sister group of the Melittidae s.str. (Danforth et al. 2006a, b). Meganomia species are robust bees with three sub-marginal cells, extending yellow marking on the whole body and many unique modifications of legs and hidden sterna of male (Michener 1981).
Meganomia is restricted to the Sub-Saharan Africa except one undescribed Meganomia species recorded in Yemen.

Meganomia Cockerell 1931

Meganomia andersoni (Meade-Waldo 1916)
Meganomia binghami (Cockerell 1909)
photo  photo  photo
Meganomia gigas Michener 1981
Meganomia rossi Michener 1981


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